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Monday, February 27, 2012


     I am a 34B. My breasts are small and at times when I look at myself in the mirror i see a grown woman with little girl, teenage breasts. I remember when i was a little girl my father told me that if he massaged my breasts they would grow. I had no idea that this was a lie, let alone DEAD ASS WRONG! I tought that him touching me like that was the way all fathers showed affection. Until one day i told a friend that when i grow up i am gonna have big breasts because my daddy rubs them all the time. Well, to my surprise she said her daddy said that no one is supposed to touch her there cause its one of her private places. So when i went home to ask my daddy why he touches my private places and he said its because he loves me more than her daddy loves her.
     Not only is this post for the mothers who need to remind their daughters of their private places but it is for the fathers who need to know that they are the first example of a man that their daughters see. Also, that everything they do and say is what their daughters will think is supposed to be done or said if men love them.
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  1. wow this is really deep and you are a brave individual for sharing your pains with the world! Keep it up because one day one of these post might save a life! =) Wish you the best!
    Ananda Shamion

  2. Bridgette thank you for sharing your PAIN for anothers GAIN! This is the stuff that no one likes to talk about but that's REAL and needs to addressed. Every blog you make is making a positive difference in the lives of many! I applaud your courage and PROMOTE your complete Healing. I hurt knowing you've been hurt. I'm sincerly sorry that any of this ever happened to you. Keep Pushn' up and Movn' forward. ~Tracey Parrish

  3. I'm finally adding my 2 cents to your blog said before, I'm super proud of you!!!! It is not easy, God knows it's not, to endure much of what you have gone through and feel like sharing in order to help someone else heal or even get in touch with their uncomfortable feelings. You have my support and endorsement #TeamBridge-It