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Monday, February 6, 2012

Don't touch me in my sleep!

     My ex-husband thought that since he was my husband, he should be able to touch me whenever and however he wanted. As if my body wasn't mine. He would get angry when i would say STOP! And even after i told him that touching me between my legs when i'm sleeping reminds me of being molested as a child, HE STILL DID IT! I would wake up in tears or swinging because in a deep sleep i wasnt aware of my surroundings. He was someone i thought should understand my issue... but he didnt!
     I would feel less of a wife because i assumed that if i wasnt molested i would be ok with him touching me like that. But, what i have learned from other women is that they dont like that shit either. Now i cant speak for all women, just the ones i've spoken with. They told me that if i am uncomfortable with the way i am being handled, i need to discuss it and hope that the person i am with is compassionate and understanding enough to stop. But if they are not, i have to put my mental stability first and move on.
     To women that dont like to be groped or fondeled in your sleep or when your awake, discuss it with your partner and find a happy medium and if they cant respect the fact that this really upsets you....keep it moving!



  1. Hey Bridgette! Love it! Can't wait for more.... Congrats & good luck!

    Kay Starr! :-)

  2. Brigette I love the way your're giving OTHERS their issues back! You've been carrying them to long! you don't have to be the BRIDGE over troubled waters anymore. Your honesty and candidness will help others who may be afraid of judgement and ridicule. Help the victims becomes survivors and it will help the victimizers THINK before they change lives so destructively. Its unfortunate that your EX wasn't unselfish enough to respect and nurture your pain. Please keep blogging it out! This is your life to live and your deserve to be happy! TAKE your happiness! BRIDGE the gap! I will have my BRIXs subscribe to your BLOG. I love it! Be well! ~ Tracey Parrish

  3. This is awesome Bridgette! Read your book and I still continue to read it when situations are tough for me! Can't wait for the NEXT ONE!!! We want more!

  4. I totally understand what u are saying. I have felt that way but did not know why or how to Explain it . I have not ended my relationship but it has caused problems.

  5. It is unfortunate that you still have the emotional scars from your experiences as a child. I know that it is easy to say "Get professional counseling!" but that is not feasible for most people. If your husband knew the full ramifications of your injury maybe he could have spared You and himself further distress as it is extremely challenging to engage in a physical/emotional relationship with someone with your history. I know because I have tried and I learned that it is unlikely to diminish the impact the past has on the development of healthy relationships. I hope you much success on your road to healing!